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“Center of Environmental Law” is going to protect the interests of Ninotsminda population affected by oil eruption in the European Court of Human Rights

Water company promised to fix the problem in Kaspi

Another vandalism in Bukia garden

Center of Environmental Law saved square from destruction

Request of the “Center of Environmental Law”

UN Global Compact Office executive director promises help to the “Center of Environmenta Law”

Electromagnetic radiation and it’s results

NGO's against the reorganization of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources

“Center of Environmental Law" is going to solve environmental problems in Kaspi

“Center of Environmental Law” became a member of UN’s “Global Compact”

Georgian tradition of sericulture is on the verge of final destruction

Money fine for pollution of the city

Environmental genocide

“Center of Environmental Law” becomes a member of the Forum of the Georgian national Platform of the Eastern Partnership civil society

One more problem has been settled by the Centre

Ecological Law Centre is planning to send over the materials against the Ministry of Environmental Protection to procurator’s office

The inhabitants of Sturua Street demand the removal of Geocell mast

The guilty have been punished through the effort of Ecological Law Centre

The Ministry of Environmental Protection rejected the legislative initiative of Ecological Law Centre

Ecological Law Centre has relieved the Caspians from one more problem

The Inspection for Environmental Protection has responded to illegal tree-felling in Kostava Street

A legislative initiative that will change the environment

Next in turn success

In the case of Ninotsminda village the judge has offered the sides a consensus

By the request of the Centre the joint – stock company “Rustavgas” has moved on gas meters

Inquest will be held on the fact of cutting down 300 sets of trees in Digomi

The agreement reached by “Ecological Law Centre” with “Hidelbergcement Caucasus”

“Ecological Law Centre” requests the joint-stock company “Rustavgas” to react timely

Ecological Law Centre Strives to Save Agmashenebeli Alley 

Next in Turn Arbitrary Act of the President 

Ecological Law Centre Will Protect the Defender of Nature 

By the Endeavour of Ecological Law Centre Tbilisi City Hall Has Established a Special Commission 

Ecological Law Centre Arranged a Press Conference in Connection with the Current Main Building in “Mziuri”

Ecological Law Centre Appeals Against Highway Building in “Mziuri”

An appellate complaint against the oil refining company

Ecological Law Centre is Struggling to Save the Green Area Strip

A Successful Step of Ecological Law Centre

Next in Turn Disappointment in Court Related to the Case of Ninotsminda Village

The lawyers of Ecological Law Centre Got Acquainted With the Construction of a New Alternative Way in Tbilisi

Ecocide in Ninocminda

Ecological law center in Rustavi

There is the problem of dust carring out on the 8th hospital territory

The locals of Vazisubani request respond

The population of Temqa asked for help to "The Centre of Environmental Law"

Catholikon-patriarch of Georgia consecrated "The Centre of Environmental Law"

Krtsanisi locals protested the cutting down pine-trees

Tbilisi government is building board of administrators upon the expenditure of the town’s planting of greenery

The Environmental Center