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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Krtsanisi locals protested the cutting down pine-trees

Krtsanisi locals protested the cutting down for about 40 pine-trees. They addressed to the “ecological law center” for help. As they said a citizen Leli Kekelidze illegally brought and legitimated sufficiently big territory. As neighbors said Mrs. Lelly is going to cut down trees and start to build. The cutting of pine-trees on questionable territory will provoke serious problems. Pine-trees are planted on where the rocks are very soft.

Perennial trees cutting down will inevitably provoke soil erosions and disordered mass will be brought down on main road, also for about 40 trees will be destroyed.

The locals of Krtsanisi street are remonstrating the fact that Kekelidze abolished boundaries and appropriated the street on which many people used to walk. Except that the landlord requests to carry out the gas tubes which are on her territory.

Citizens, for whom this territory represents resting and amusing place, request to abolish the deed of purchase. The ecological center of law asked about this problem. The juridical department of this center asked government for needful documents. At the first stage they are analyzing this stuff.

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