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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

Next in turn success

Ecological Law Centre during its existence has more than once been obliged to protect healthy trees from cutting and destroying. Such next in turn step was taken in Vake – Saburtalo district. The inhabitants of Tskneti Street, corps.2 appealed to the Centre in connection with expected tree –felling.

On April 12 Board of administrators of Tbilisi Vake – Saburtalo district together with landscaping service admitted 11 sets of poplar trees as accident – risk and instructed LTD “Service 96” to cut them down. The employees of Ecological Law Centre got acquainted with the situation on the spot. As it turned out neither of the trees, marked to be cut down, was damaged or dangerous for population, though the employees of the City Hall assisted themselves with the conclusion in which an accident – risk rate of these trees had been stressed.
Eventually, as the Centre requested it, LTD “Service 96” limited its works to clipping of the trees. Eleven healthy trees have been saved from felling. Residing in that place population was satisfied with results and heartily thanked the leader of Ecological Law Centre George Gachechiladze and its employees.
The lawyers of the Centre intend to take decisive steps towards improving the situation. This kind of event wasn’t stated for the first time. There are frequent attempts of illegal tree – felling or granting licenses for felling. The Centre works on actively to suppress such doings.

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