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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

The locals of Vazisubani request respond

There have been destroying several hectares of green cover between Vazisubani and Varketili settlement for last years. A year ago, on that territory was a factory of cement, which was using the near ground as plural raw material. This fact caused the digging of quite big part of the territory. This territory was abandoned and not recovered with sand.

Nowadays this territory looks like a battlefield than one of the city’s outskirt. Besides this, a group of people is constructing quarries without any permission and   producing cement using the ground of this territory. This fact causes the territory to be deserted. The green covering of the ground is changed with a lot of big sized sitches. Citizens who are working on these quarries are using sleepers that were thrown up. Burning of these sleepers causes air damage; it discharges bad toxic materials that damage health of population.

Besides many begging’s to Isani-Samgori administration no one has helped those people yet, that is why they called “The Centre of Environmental Law” for help, because they considered that this center is the last hope for them.
“The Centre of Environmental Law” discovered the fact and began to do everything for correcting the situation.

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