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понедельник, 21 февраля 2011 г.

Georgian tradition of sericulture is on the verge of final destruction

There was held a press conference by the “Center of Environmental Law” about destroying Georgian sericulture by government. Lawyer of the center Nikoloz Mzhavanadze
has presented materials on this case.
“Ministry of Economy has sold 4 hectars of plantations of mulberry, which is located in Aghmashenebeli alley directly to the “Tegeta Motors” company and it can be defined as a destruction of traditions of sericulture by government of Georgia.  This plantation belonged to the Agricultural University of Georgia. Destruction of very rare mulberry trees has already began. One can hardly find similar plants not only in Georgia, but all over the whole world. Company has already cut 180 trees and they are going to cut 2500 trees remaining. These species has been grown by Georgian scientists for many years and their destruction must be estimated as destruqtion of basements of  sericulture. We have information, that Agricultural University has been also sold and Kakha Bendukidze has bought it. So soon not only sericulture but other branches of agriculture can be destroyed ” – said Nikoloz Mzhavanadze.
“Center of Environmental Law” insists on stopping destruction of Georgian sericulture. Center also asks “Tegeta Motors” company to let Georgian scientists to transplant mulberry trees. Otherwise, nothing can stop destruction of of Georgian sericulture.
Official letters has been sent to “Tegeta Motors” company and to the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources, to let sericulturists transplant and save 2500 mulberry trees remaining. Otherwise, basements of Georgian sericulture will be destroyed and unic mulberry trees will be lost forever.

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