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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

Ecological Law Centre has relieved the Caspians from one more problem

An awful noise created by the functioning of belonging to “Magnumgroup” enterprise will no longer bother the population in Kaspi. With the help of Ecological Law Centre
this problem is also settled.

On February 2010 the employees of the Centre together with the representatives of the environmental protection inspection visited a cement processing enterprise “Magnum-Group” and agreed, that after the enterprise was put into motion, the noise outcome from the enterprise would be measured by a special apparatus. In case the actual level of the noise really exceeded established standards, the authorities of “Magnum-group” in the near future would have to install the equipment suppressing noise.
  On may 4, 2010 by the employees of Environmental Protection Inspection an act about examination of legislative demands of environmental protective legislation and a report about administrative infringement of the law was made up on the elicited fact of violation. The mentioned report had been sent over to the corresponding district court for discussion.
  Ecological Law Centre on June 24 received a letter from Environmental Protection Inspection. The examination revealed that the enterprise belonging to LTD “Magnum-group” while conducting its activity, violated the permitted terms of influence over environment. The results of a laboratory analysis stated, that the noise on the territory of the enterprise exceeds established standards.
  Caspian population greatly thanked the chief of Ecological Law Centre George Gachechiladze for the offered help. So, from now on, the Caspians will enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment.

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