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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Tbilisi government is building board of administrators upon the expenditure of the town’s planting of greenery

In the greenest district of Tbilisi, on 3000 square metre territory perennial plantation is being destroyed. The population in Digomi addressed about the problem to the newly formed nongovernmental organization “The Centre of Environmental Law”.
By Tbilisi government’s decision, the green line situated at the beginning of Beliashili Street will be detained by the new building of Didube-Chugureti’s board of administrators. The construction is being made by the company “Arttekso”. The locals are protesting the new building. Because of the construction healthy trees and plenty of other plantations are being cut down. Part of the grubbed trees is transplanted in the yards of the nearby blocks.
As the population say they are against of the building. The locals will not have place for rest and relief, traffic will be unloaded and living conditions will be changed for the worth. All these are against of the standards which are foreseen by the law.
The Centre of environmental Law officially requested the project of the construction and the permition from Tbilisi government, though they received obscure and unadequate answer from the town’s architecture service.

The Centre of Environmental Law held protest action about the existing abolish, with the members of the Greens Party of Georgia and with the locals.
“The construction is destroying the huge green line and is changing the population’s living environment for the worth. Today’s protest action is the beginning of fairness reaction, which will be lasted more actually. To be settled the problem, we shall do everything according to the law”- declared George Gachechiladze, the leader of the Greens at the protest action.

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