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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

Ecological Law Centre is planning to send over the materials against the Ministry of Environmental Protection to procurator’s office

On October 5 the representatives of Ecological Law Centre have arranged a press conference, where they presented evidences proving the guilt of the Ministry if Environmental Protection in the forest fires of the year 2010.
On September 8 of 2010, the chairman of the Forestry agency Papuna Khachize held a special briefing, where he acquainted the journalists and the public with the statistics of the forest fires occurred in summer of 2010.

In Georgia totally up to 430 hectares of forest tracts have been destroyed. In Bakuriani-Borjomi forest section 20 hectares, in Atskuri forest section 300 h; in the borough of Surami 10h; in Racha and Mtskheta-Tianeti region 20-20 h; and in Kvareli forest section 50 h. of forest tracts were destroyed.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection has greatly contributed to destroying 430 h. of forest tracts, as in 2010 anti-fire preventive measures hadn’t been passed by them.
The chairman of forestry agency Papuna Khachidze in the letter sent to us has confirmed and actually admitted, that precisely his department is guilty of forest fires. The law obliged the Ministry of Environmental Protection to conduct anti-fire preventive measures and non-fulfillment of this obligation leads to violation of:
1. The B-sub point of the second paragraph of forestry department regulations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural resources in Georgia.
2. The E-sub point of the sixth paragraph about forestry agency – the juridical person of public law by Georgia legislation.
3. The 55th paragraph of Georgia’s law about the State budget of 2010
4. D – sub point of the 10th paragraph of Georgia’s forestry code.
If in 2011 the same be repeated in the forests of Georgia the Ecological Law Centre will be obliged to appeal this time to the main procurator’s office.

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