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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

The population of Temqa asked for help to "The Centre of Environmental Law"

Private persons illegally enclosed ground lots on the left side of the Tbilisi Sea, near the Temqa territory.  This act made population to express their negative reaction. The territories are wholly covered with pine-trees. Locals are afraid that the territories are illegally appropriated and it is supposed, that the old trees are threatened to be cut down. 

The locals of third micro in Temqa called for help to “The Centre of Environmental Law”. It is the truth that at this moment there is no sign of constructions or damaging the greenery, but the fear that the territories are illegally enclosed and the pine-trees can be destroyed in future, is logical.

“The Centre of Environmental Law “is taking corresponding reactions to protect local’s rights and about the possible destruction of the territory. The local government and conformable services should be warned. The centre requests needful materials for to be established if someone is going to appropriate marked territories.
The juridical department is going to continue active consultations with the locals, and every new information will be available for them.

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