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понедельник, 21 февраля 2011 г.

Environmental genocide

On December 7 member of the „Center of Environmental Law” Nikoloz Mzhavanadze held a press conference on the fact of cutting trees massively on Agmashenebeli avenue.
He said, that according to The World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, there must be 50 square meters of green areas per capita. There are 3 square meters in our country and a situation becomes more severe. Clear evidence of it is that there were cut hundreds of old plane trees on Aghmashenebeli avenue. And, after that, there are no more trees on the avenue. It’s known, that Tbilisi City Hall is going to plant ornamental plants instead of felled trees. It justifies the feeling of trees saying that tree roots are destroying communications.  This is absurd – every trees have roots, so we’ll have to cut every tree in the town.
Everybody knows that there is a very difficult environmental situation on Aghmashenebeli avenue and cutting trees massively means a direct strike to the health of population and an environmental genocide. It shows that Tbilisi city hall is going to remove all the green cover of the town. The center asks people living on Aghmashenebeli avenue to unit against this vandalism and to give permission to the Center for protecting their interests in administrative bodies and Court.

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