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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

There is the problem of dust carring out on the 8th hospital territory

The locals of Gudamakari st. ask for help to “The Centre of Environmental Law” because of the ecological pollution. Near to the 8th hospital, where the Institute of Neurology is situated, the problem to be curried out the dust is frequent. The forced displaced people of Georgia, who live in this building, are in too bad conditions, because of the polluted territory.

This place provokes insanitariness and terrible smell.
The citizens request to be carried out the dust from the territory and to be cleaned the place.
The operative collaborators of “The Centre of Environmental Law” inspected the polluted territory.

The centre will send this information to the cleaning service of Tbilisi, for to be taken in the control this territory by them.

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