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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

The guilty have been punished through the effort of Ecological Law Centre

In 2010 On January 3 in the centre of Tbilisi in Kostava Street (Vere garden) during the construction of a dwelling house about 20 sets of completely healthy trees were cut down without permission, which caused great discontent among the inhabitants of the street and the visitors of the park.

Ecological Law Centre examined the situation on the spot. It was by them that employees of the Environmental Protection Inspection had been called, who drew up corresponding reports. As it appeared representatives of a building company LTD “Grato Passage” had no permission for tree-felling. According to the Law only transplanting of the trees is allowed and not their felling. The executives of the Ecological Law Centre appealed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources requesting to punish the guilty.
  After a certain time the Centre received a letter from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, from which it became clear that Investigation department began examination of the mentioned case. On the fact of illegal tree – felling, employed by the building company, the Superintendant of work Akaki TaTeishvili was made answerable, with whom a procedure agreement was drawn up and he was imposed a fine in the sum of 10 000 GEL. The damage caused to environment was also compensated by Akaki TaTeishvili in the quantity of 3.200 GEL

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