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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

The inhabitants of Sturua Street demand the removal of Geocell mast

On September 28 leader of Georgia Greens Party George Gachechiladze and the representatives of Ecological Law Centre Nikoloz Mzavanadze and Zurab Jamagidze had a meeting with the population of Nadzaladevi district. As they explained to the inhabitants of Meskhi, Sturua, Khudadov and Kelaptrishvili streets, they would apply any legal measure to solve in the near future the problem, caused by a an installation of a new cellular communication mast.

On September 24 the population of above-mentioned streets appealed to the Centre for help. Two months earlier in Sturua Street N37 on the roof of a dwelling house the company “Geocell” had installed a cellular communication mast. According to the information of the local inhabitants, they recently suffer from frequent headaches, giddiness and various diseases, which they think to be related with electromagnetic emanation.
  The Centre examined the situation on the spot. It turned out that functioning of the mast actually represents a serious problem and greatly endangers the population’s health. Besides, this fact violates various laws and normative legal documents (in particular, reflected in the 37th paragraph of constitution and in the Law “about environmental protection” human right “to live in health-safe environment, to enjoy natural and cultural surroundings; Georgia’s law about “care for public health”, Georgia’s law about “environmental protection”; the 44th order of the Public Health Minister, issued on January 30 1998 “about sanitary-hygienic normative being in force till 1992, to remain temporary valid”; President of Georgia’s order #807 of March 16 1996 about the approval of State program’s schedule of measures of  the years 1999-2005 for promoting health and establishing healthy lifestyle.
  “- We have already sent corresponding letters to the authorities of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural resources and “Geocell”, where we request to dismantle the mast. When we receive an official answer from them we’ll immediately inform you about the advancement of affairs” – announced the representatives of the Centre to the population, which is extremely indignant at disregarding their interests by Geocell.
  “- if they don’t dismantle the mast themselves, then we’ll mount the roof and do it ourselves. We won’t allow our families to be constantly under such risk”, declared a certain part of the population present at the meeting.
  “- If in near future the Ministry and the company don’t take decisive steps, we’re going to lodge a complaint in the Court together with Ecological Law Centre against “Geocell” to claim damages and imposing other sanctions in that connection. By legal means and names we have already achieved desired for people results, for instance in Kaspi, Norio and other places. So, in this case as well we must act in accordance with law”, noted George Gachechiladze and called the population to tranquility and coordinated work.

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