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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

By the request of the Centre the joint – stock company “Rustavgas” has moved on gas meters

A month ago the population of the 21st micro district of town Rustavi appealed to “Ecological Law Centre” for help. As it turned out “Rustavgas” has installed gas meters under the windows of a dwelling house exposing the local population to a certain danger. They had more than once appealed to the joint – stock company to dismantle the meters, but without any reaction from the company. The representatives of the Centre appealed to j. –s. company “Rustavgas” in a written form. According to the letter “Ecological Law Centre” demanded to dismantle the gas meters and create a safe environment for the population.
 At this stage the problem is settled. In accordance with the request the joint – stock company “Rustavgas” has transferred the gas meters to a safe place. The population thanked the centre for the rendered service.

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