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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

The lawyers of Ecological Law Centre Got Acquainted With the Construction of a New Alternative Way in Tbilisi

On the 9th of July the lawyers of Ecological Law Centre together with the director of “Georgia-road-science” – the winner company in the tender for projecting the construction of a high-speed main from Varaziskhevi up to Tamarashvili Street, surveyed the route of the future way.

As director Tamaz Shilakadze explained, optimum version of road building was chosen. The road will start from Square of Heroes on the territory between the Zoo and the slope and will follow the left bank of the river Vere. In this section it will occupy a small strip (the road will be two-storied) and only in a small section will cross the river Vere and also in a small section will come in touch with “Mziuri” territory.

The representatives of the Centre also met the member of “Mziuri” board of administration, Vladimir Malovichko – the husband of Manana Dumbadze, who explained that belonging to the zoo or “Mziuri” territories and their separating boundaries are not precisely determined. So the question as to where the road passes is to be specified. There is lower “Mziuri” and the part of the supposed road path may be considered belonging to it. In connection with the road building, “Mziuri” board of administration is going to appeal and send an official letter.

The rest part of the road plan passing the slope will follow the left of the Vere River. In this section it has no connection with “Mziuri” territory and in the end it passes Tamarashvili Street.
The building of the main is directly related to the decision of the collision between safe environment protection and public interests of road building.

Tamaz Shilakadze (the manager of the project) promises the public that in course of projecting ecological conditions will be observed at most. The tress growing on the road will be transplanted; flowing into the Vere river sewerage waters will be gathered in one collector and joined to the main collector. That will result in cleaning the river. By the administrative act, to start additional buildings along the road, on the territories of the Zoo and “Mziuri”, will be forbidden. Ecological Law Centre will be given opportunity to have the copy of the project and examine its ecological side.

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