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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

The Environmental Center

On the 5th of   June, was held presentation about new organization “The Center of  Environmental Law”.
The center is nonpolitical, public organization and is completed    with skilled ecologies, lawyers and advocates, also there are experienced attorneys in the center, who will make operational react upon environmental abrogates.
The center is working by the 37th paragraph of “Georgian Constitution” which is based on human ecological rights. Its main functions are:
1. To make operational react upon arbitrary ecological abolishes (destruction of green plantations, gardens and squares, illegitimate constructions, noise, low-grade food products, pollution of the environment and so on).
2. To make free juridical consultation for population in the cases of ecological rights abolitions.
3.To make free representative lawyers service for population in the Courts.
4.  In the case of Georgian nature abolition to defend Georgia’s interests at international court.
5.To make independent monitoring of the environmental condition and preventive inspection of possible abolitions.

There is a “hot line” in the center: 38 69 78

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