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четверг, 7 апреля 2011 г.

Electromagnetic radiation and it’s results

On April 6 reprezentatives of NGOs – Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, lawyer of the “Center of Environmental Law” and Sofo Getsadze from the “Center of Human Rights” held a joint press conference about electromagnetic radiation and it’s results.
“Cellular communication companies not only set high tarrifs, but cause problems with health, mounting antennas in human settlements. “Center of Environmental Law” could dismantle some antennas, but their numbers are still growing” – said Nikoloz Mzhavanadze.
“Such actions of communication companies are dangerous to health and this is confirmed by studies of several foregn experts.
Studies, held in Mount Shasta Bioregional ecology center, have shown, that even low radiation damages cellular tissues and DNA. And all this is connected with brain tumors, cancer, depression, miscarriages and Alzheimer disease” – said the representative of “Center of Human Rights” Sofo Getsadze.

People, living near high voltage cables, often complain of irritability and impatience. All his increases level of adrenalin in blood and risk of blood clotting, which can cause stroke and heart attack.
“Center of Environmental Law” and “Center of Human Rights” decided to make a film on this subject. In this film there would be covered all problematic ussues connected with basic cellular stations, located in human settlements.
After the press conference there was shown a film – “electromagnetic radiation and it’s results” – shot by the “Center of Human Rights”.

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