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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

The agreement reached by “Ecological Law Centre” with “Hidelbergcement Caucasus”

 On November the 20th at the office of “Ecological Law Centre” a press conference concerning noise effects caused by cement works in Kaspi was held. Kaspi population has more than once appealed to “Ecological Law Centre” and Georgia Greens Party, as they are much alarmed by the work of “Hidelbergcement Caucasus” component enterprises, as their functioning causes great pollution of environment and adjoining the works territory. More over, great noise created by the works spreads in the radius of 12 km, which has an adverse effect on the health of population.

The promise given by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, that if in two month’s time this actual problem wasn’t regulated and eradicated, the Ministry would impose penalty sanctions on cement producing company, hasn’t been fulfilled. It’s true “Hidelbergcement Caucasus” has partly satisfied the request of “Ecological Law Centre” and the Greens Party and the noise outcome has been reduced, but in spite of this noise in coal processing shop is still observed.
In the letter sent to “Ecological Law Centre” by the inspection of environmental protection it is noted that the department doesn’t possess necessary equipment for determining the level of atmosphere noise.
It’s a fact that the Ministry which should control manufacture in connection with noise is not equipped with appropriate instruments. That is an admittance of incompetence and helplessness from their side. Our request is to take immediate measures for improving the situation in order to create secure environment for Kaspi population.

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