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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection rejected the legislative initiative of Ecological Law Centre

A month ago Ecological Law Centre pushed forward a legislative initiative. The representatives of the Centre proposed to the Ministry of Environmental Protection to bring alterations in the paragraphs of Administrative and criminal infringements code. In particular, the person, guilty of illegal tree-felling along with administrative and criminal liability will be additionally charged with a cultivation of the same tree species.

As the result of these alterations, the citizen will no longer be under the illusion that he may get away only with a fine and criminal liability and be given the opportunity to build an edifice of any destination on the appropriated by him place. In connection with the possible amendments in legislation corresponding letters will be sent to Georgia parliament and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
In 2010 on August 12 Ecological Law Centre was invited at the Ministry of Environmental Protection in connection with this legislative initiative. The meeting, which was attended by the representatives of forestry department, legal services and the Inspection of Environmental Protection lasted for an hour and a half. The result is as follows: the Ministry of Environmental Protection is against the above-mentioned amendment for the absurd reason that the saplings, planted instead of cut down trees, might not be attended with proper care, as the person charged with the cultivation of trees anew is least to be expected to care of them and bring them to primary condition. It’s regretful that the Ministry of Environmental Protection for some groundless and vague reason has rejected the legislative initiative proposed by the Centre.

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