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вторник, 15 февраля 2011 г.

Ecological Law Centre Will Protect the Defender of Nature

In Vake-Saburtalo district on adjoining Fanaskerteli street, corps 18 territory 83 years old lady Nadia Zenaishvili has arranged a real oasis of nature. Years ago, on her own initiative and all by herself she planted 250 set of oak, lime, maple, beech and fir trees, she had also cultivated unique decorative plants. At present coniferous trees proudly adorn once barren territory. By Mrs. Nadia Zeinashvili’s endeavor adjoining the corps territory is buried in plantation, but each year the number of planted fir-trees is reducing, because some inhabitants have decided to build garages in place of plantation. To save the plants Mrs. Nadia Zeinaishvili doesn’t spare herself. She even suffered a physical assault some years ago. Venerable lady was treated in hospital for injuries received after physical violence.
Out of 250 trees only 40 pines have remained on above-mentioned territory. There is danger, that these trees will share the same fate of all the other 210 most valuable species.

The old lady appealed for help to ecological law centre. The latter got acquainted with the situation on the spot – on adjoining Fanaskerteli street corps 18 territory and promised her every possible help. The centre has also sent a corresponding letter to George Korkashvili – the chief of newly established service of ecology and landscaping in Tbilisi City Hall, so that the city leaders should care for the defense of cultivated on Fanaskerteli street pine grove, enclose the landscaped territory with a fence and protect the trees from unlawful cutting and destruction.

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