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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

A Successful Step of Ecological Law Centre

A month ago by the request of population Ecological Law Centre got acquainted with the process of digging the green cover on the territory between Vazisubani and Varketili settlement, where the top-soil is considerably damaged. A year ago a lime factory was functioning on this spot, which used the earth of adjoining territory as raw material for the manufacture. As a result quite a great part of the earth was dug up. Ecological Law Centre tried at most to correct the situation. They warned corresponding services of Tbilisi City Hall and requested to take decisive steps. 
A few days ago the Mayor of the city Gigi Ugulava by the request of population and Ecological Law Centre has come to decision to build a Rugby town on the 30 hectare area of the above – mentioned territory.
Dug – up territories will be filled up with earth and 15 rugby squares and necessary for the infrastructure constructions will be built. This will settle the problems of Vazisubani and Varketili population.

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