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вторник, 15 февраля 2011 г.

By the Endeavour of Ecological Law Centre Tbilisi City Hall Has Established a Special Commission

It’s more than a year that on Vake – Saburtalo district territory in Digomi Avenue on the landscaped area located in the middle of Highway the green plantation is flooded.
Ecological Law Centre has visited the green strip, which is on the verge of destruction and needs an urgent help. Few dozens of trees have already withered and the same danger threatens the remaining healthy trees.

The Centre has appealed to Tbilisi City Hall and City Mayor Gigi Ugulava with the corresponding declaration. The lawyers of the Centre demand from the City Hall to do everything necessary to save the territory from destruction.
 The letter sent to Tbilisi City Hall, to its organization of public service and amenities was responded by George Lipartia - the chief of the service himself. In the letter of 2009, August 11 sent to Ecological Law Centre, it is noted that a special commission will examine the present condition and the reasons of the plant damage. The commission will take corresponding measures to eradicate the problem and to save the plants from destruction.

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