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понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Ecocide in Ninocminda

On the 7th of July   “The Centre of environmental Law” arranged a press conference with the Greens party of Georgia. The lawyers of “The Centre of environmental Law” protested the falsification of the court’s decision received by Besik Sisvadze in 2007.

According to the request of the Inhabitants of Sagarejo district's village Ninotsminda “The Centre of environmental Law” started investigation of the case which was rised on the 10th of September in 2004, connected with explosion of gas and oil from Georgian – English oil company “Ninotsminda’s”   N100 bore-hole. This explosion caused an ecological catastrophe and considerably damaged environment. 

The inhabitants of Ninotsminda were forced to carry water from a far distance with tanks during more than one year, meanwhile, their health had become worse – oncological and other diseases became more frequent. In 2005 villagers appealed to Tbilisi Civil Court by action, in which they demanded a compensation for physical and moral damage.  Civil Court sent this case to Sagarejo Regional court.  For this reasons it was unable to start the case until 2007. On the 30th of January in 2007, village Ninotsminda inhabitants’ lawyer, raised a petition in Tbilisi Civil Court about engagement of ecological examination.  Count Besik Sisvadze satisfied the application. But the sitting of the court was directed with a lot of loss. Despite lawyer Mirian Nikoladze’s written request, Besik Sisvadze didn’t send him court’s resolution, consciously falsified sitting’s report, also letters about lawyer’s requests of resolution.

The Centre of environmental Law demands that disciplinary pursuit must be started against  the court Besik Sisvadze and he must be punished according to the law. According to this, “The Centre of environmental Law” is going  to send a letter to The Council of Justice, to make an ecological examination and on the basis of it  each family ,should  get 50 000 GEL as compensation and objectively, without partiality,  must be carry out sitting of the court which is appointed on 10th of July.

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