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среда, 16 февраля 2011 г.

One more problem has been settled by the Centre

The inhabitants of Fonichala appealed to the Ecological Law Centre, as they were much disturbed by the functioning of a quarrying enterprise of LTD “Arkitrav” just recently set to motion next to them. The enterprise causes unbearable noise and dust, that exposes the local population’s health to danger. Also, because of the raised dust the normal functioning of the population employed in agriculture becomes impossible.

A corresponding letter with the request to settle the problem urgently was sent by the Centre to the environmental protection.
The inspection of environmental protection took drastic measures, on the basis of the message sent by the Ecological Law Centre, for the damage caused to environment the record of an administrative infringement was drawn up and LTD “Arkitavr” was incurred an administrative penalty. Also, as the population explained, the noise caused by the actual problem has been settled.

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